4 Reasons To Avoid Curtains On Your Home Windows And Opt For Window Film

Most people opt for curtains to keep light out, add visual appeal and reduce energy costs in the home. However, there is something that offers much better advantages than window treatments like curtains without ever needing to deprive yourself of natural light. Just like your car windows, window tint can be placed on your windows. Read on to learn four excellent reasons you should have your home windows tinted as soon as possible.

1. Block Harmful UV Rays.

The UV rays that enter your home from the sun can fade the colors of your walls, your carpet and your furniture. It can even impact your health, as these UV rays can cause skin cancer. This is true even if you're indoors, unless you have adequate UV protection. Residential window tint can provide you with that protection, while still allowing plenty of natural light to come in so that your home is still bright and open.

2. Crank Up The Energy Efficiency.

In addition to window film blocking the sun's rays, it can also boost your home's energy efficiency. The tint will help keep the heat of the sun out during the summer. During both the summer and winter months, it will help reduce the amount of cool air and heat that is lost from the inside of the home. This means that your HVAC unit won't have to work nearly as hard, which will reduce energy bills. Although curtains may help in this aspect as well, window tint is much more effective since it is sealed against the window.

3. Reduce The Glare On Your TV.

One of the worst things is trying to watch TV during the middle of the day with a glare being cast over a large part of the television. Eventually, the glare makes you just want to leave because you can't see the TV and you're missing the best parts of the show or movie. Luckily, you don't have to wait until the sun goes down to indulge in your entertainment or put up curtains and feel like you're living in a dungeon with no access to the outside world. Instead, you can have your home windows tinted to reduce – and possibly even eliminate – the glare.

4. Increase Your Safety And Privacy.

When you decide to add tinted window film to your home windows, you are making the glass more durable. This means that if the window breaks – whether due to a storm or burglary – the window will not shatter into a million pieces. There are even some window films available that can protect your home against weather phenomenons, such as earthquakes and hurricanes. There is also film available that permits you to see outside but doesn't allow anyone to see inside the home from outside.

Residential window tinting has a number of advantages, as you can see, and still allows the line to filter into the home. There's no need to deprive yourself and your home of natural light in order to get glare reduction, privacy and more.