Bringing Out The Beauty Of Natural Wood: Caring For Wood Siding

Wood siding gives your home an elegant, warm appearance. If you're investing in wood siding for your house, it's important that you understand how to take care of the wood to ensure a long lifespan. Here's a look at what you should know about caring for wood siding.

Protecting Wood Siding

For wood to last, it must be properly finished with a protective stain, sealer or paint coat. If you don't protect it this way, the wood will be exposed and will be vulnerable to decay from moisture damage. You can paint your wood a variety of colors, but keep in mind that you'll have to reapply that paint every few years as you see it start to chip. Stain often lasts longer, because it penetrates the wood. Stains are available in both light and dark colors.

Depending on the type of wood you choose for your siding, you may be able to use a stain that simply enhances the natural color, or you can darken the wood for a deeper, richer hue. Clear sealant is similar to stain, only it doesn't add any additional color to the wood. Also, you need to reapply clear stain every couple of years because it sits on the surface of the wood and can wear easily.

Cleaning Wood Siding

Dirt and stains are common problems for wood siding, and they can often leave lasting discolorations. Clean the siding once or twice a year with warm, soapy water. Use a soft-bristled brush to scrub away any surface debris. It's usually easiest to work in small sections of the house to ensure that you get the whole surface without missing a spot.

Black, spotty stains on the wood indicate mildew on the wood. Use a four-to-one solution of water and bleach to clean mildew off the wood, then rinse it with clean water. Rust often leaves dark black streaks behind, and is often caused by the presence of nails or screws in the siding. If the hardware isn't galvanized, it's vulnerable to rust. Use a mixture of commercial rust remover with warm water to clean this.

Restoring Wood Siding

Over time, your siding may discolor. If this happens, you can restore its original beauty through sanding. Whether you opt for a sandblaster or a power sander, just remove the first layer of wood from the siding to expose fresh wood beneath. Then, you'll want to treat the siding for protection as you did when you had the siding installed the first time. For more support to treat or maintain your siding, a home siding contractor like Rusco Industries Calgary Ltd can help.