Window Replacement: 3 Things To Avoid During The Process For The Best Outcome

If you're looking to replace your windows, you probably have a lot of questions and concerns about the whole process. While it's important to know what to do during the process, it can be even more important to know what not to do. Below are three things to be sure to avoid during the replacement process and how avoiding these things can help in the long run.

Replacing With the Same Type of Window

To save yourself time (and possibly even money), you may have decided to replace your windows with the same type. While this can seem savvy now, it won't be in the long run.

Windows have a lifespan of anywhere from 8-30+ years! Due to this, it's important to look towards the future. Will these windows meet your future needs, such as energy efficiency? If you're planning to sell down the line, will they add value to your home or diminish it? By replacing your current windows with the same type, you're shortchanging yourself and your home.

Not Doing Research on Newly Available Options

Windows serve more than just their initial purpose – that is to bring the outdoors in. There are now so many efficiency models available that research is inescapable.

Whatever your home's needs are, there's bound to be a window in the style you want that can fill them. Have you noticed your furniture's upholstery fading prematurely? Windows with a special coating that prevent certain UV rays from entering your home can now be purchased. Have you found that the window's in your room carry in noises from the outside? Insulating glass windows are now a possibility in a variety of styles. 

Improper Installation

The best of the best cannot be expected to perform as they should if they've been improperly installed. So while you may have taken the time to research and pick the best windows for your home, they can't do what they were meant to without expertise installation.

Proper installation techniques can help you to avoid a number of problems, including air leakage, moisture buildup, and structural damage. Another thing to consider is the manufacturer's warranty on the windows. Improper installation can void this warranty due to the increased risk of issues, but a window installed with proper technique can remain covered for the lifetime of the warranty. 

Window replacement can be a daunting task, but with the right knowledge and research, you can be well on your way to having windows in your home that you love. Above are three things to avoid during the replacement and installation process. For more information, contact a professional contractor to discuss your options.