Shower Door Kits Vs. Seamless Enclosures

Your shower door is much more than just a barrier to keep water in the shower. The shower door is very important when it comes to the look of your entire bathroom. In fact, it is often the central design feature of the bathroom. Many people have showers with bathtub basins and shower curtains. You can upgrade to a glass shower door to make your room more functional, stylish, and valuable. The two most common types of glass shower doors are pre-fabricated kits and custom, seamless enclosures. This article explains the main differences between the two.

Shower Door Kits

Glass shower door kits are definitely the cheaper and more convenient of the two options. However, they usually only work with standard-size bathtub basins. They need to be installed directly on the rim of the tub, so you need to measure to make sure the kit will fit your basin. Most bathtubs are universally sized, you shouldn't have a problem.

These kits are also popular because they are specifically designed for self-installation. With a few basic tools, like a drill, stud finder, and level, you can install the entire system. Handling the glass is really the only part of the job that is difficult or dangerous.

Seamless Shower Enclosures

Seamless glass shower enclosures are definitely the better choice if you don't have a traditional bathtub basin. If you want a floor-to-ceiling glass enclosure, you need to invest in a system that is custom-made and professionally installed. Obviously, these systems come with a much larger price tag and the labor is more intensive. However, they can look dynamic and stylish, especially when coupled with a custom tile shower basin. The seamless design of floor-to-ceiling glass can make your bathroom look larger and incorporate your tile in with the rest of your bathroom design. For instance, you can have tile that runs from the shower walls all the way out side of the enclosure and along the entire lower wall of the bathroom. Seamless shower doors might be considered a luxury upgrade, but they look great in any bathroom.

Whether you choose a glass shower door kit or have a seamless enclosure installed, it will be a great upgrade from a traditional shower rod and curtain. Glass shower doors will make your bathroom look much more classy and add some value to it. If you have a shower rod, it should be the first thing in your bathroom that you upgrade. Check with companies like Beach Glass & Window Company for more information.