Wood Is Still a Great Material for Windows

When it comes to remodeling your home, installing new windows is always a great decision. Windows are a huge part of the style and functionality of your property. That is, as windows age, they become less efficeint, harder to operate, and the style looks outdated. Simply put, the windows are often the first major remodel you need to make. But, choosing the right type of window for your home can be difficult since there are so many options. This article explains why wood is a great window material choice.

Modern Wood Windows

Wood has been used in window construction for centuries. Old wooden windows are completely made out of raw wood with the glass inserted directly into the frame. Most modern windows have a metal or vinyl frame with wooden cladding on the outside. This is done because a solid wood window is more susceptible to warping. With a metal frame, the windows are stronger, more energy efficient, and more secure.

Wood Needs More Upkeep

Even though the guts of the windows are made out of metal, the wood is still exposed to the elements. Because of this, wooden windows need a little bit of TLC. Most importantly, you always need to protect your wood from moisture. This is obviously harder to do when it comes to the exterior side of the window. Usually, you will need to refinish your windows every few years to maintain a waterproof seal on the wood.

Wood is the Most Stylish

While wooden windows might require a little bit more maintenance than fiberglass or vinyl windows, they are still a great choice. First of all, wood is usually considered to be the most stylish option. Most people who choose wooden windows will apply a clear stain that highlights the natural wood grains and texture that makes wood so desirable.

Homeowners also love wooden windows because they can apply a custom paint job to whenever they want to change the color or stain on their fixtures. That is, when it comes to wooden windows you have a lot of flexibility with the style and color. If you are a homeowner who is frequently tinkering with the color schemes around your house, would is definitely the best choice because it is the easiest when the product to paint or stain.

Wooden windows are definitely a great investment. They will dramatically alter the functionality of your home, making it more energy efficient, stopping air leaks and adding security to your fixtures.