Understand The Different Shutter Types

Shutters are an alternative to regular blinds or curtains when it comes to window coverings. They can even offer some storm protection since external models protect glass and internal models can help keep out drafts. The issue is in understanding the different options available. The following guide can help you differentiate between shutter types:

Traditional Louvered

The traditional style of louvered shutter is always installed on the inside of the home. They feature narrow slats that close tightly to block drafts since they were first used on windows of homes in the cold northeast US. They open and close via movable louvers. There is also a design called cafe traditional louvers, which have traditional louvers on the lower section, and then have upper sections on hinges that can be folded back completely to bare the glass.

True plantation

True plantation shutters are named after the southern US plantation homes that first featured the shutters. These have wider slats than the traditional louvered shutters, and they are also designed to be placed on the outside of the home. This was likely done to protect the large plantation windows from breakage during summer thunderstorms and hurricane weather. These shutters may also be on hinges so they can be folded back completely.

California shutters

California shutters are little more than plantation shutters that are installed on the interior of the window. Modern shutter companies often simply refer to these shutters as plantation shutters, although they do differ. The louvers are usually built into a frame that permanently affixed in the window frame, although some may also be hinged to move back so you can have full access to the window.

Traditional exterior storm

Exterior storm shutters come in many styles, including board and batten, slatted, and raised panel. The primary difference between these and plantation shutters is that they do not have movable louvers. Instead, they simply swing open or closed on hinges. Although they were traditionally meant to protect windows from ill weather, most often they are used aesthetic value today. Modern storm and hurricane shutters, on the other hand, are generally made of strong metal and they roll up or slide into a pocket when they aren't being used since they aren't very attractive. It is possible to get traditional storm shutters made of sturdier metals but designed to mimic the traditional wood versions, which can provide some increased storm protection.

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