Worried About Sun Damage When Choosing New Blinds? 3 Features To Look For

Picking out new window treatments can come with a lot of choices since they can range from shutters to curtains and more. If one of your main goals of getting new window treatments for your home is to block out sunlight, blinds can be a great choice since they easily allow you to control just how much light is brought in. If you're concerned about sun damage being an issue, consider the following tips so that your new blinds can be a great choice for your home.

Protection Against UV Rays

When comparing different blinds available, you may notice that some still filter in light when they're closed. While it's often nice to have a little bit of sunlight in your home, you may be concerned about UV rays causing damage. The sun hitting the inside of your home can cause furniture and decorations to become discolored over time, as well as causing potential damage to your skin due to exposure to UV rays. Choosing window treatments that are rated to be UV ray resistant can be a welcome choice when replacing the blinds in your home.

Capable of Still Allowing Light In

When comparing different blinds for sale, you'll notice fast they can vary drastically in just how much light is brought in. Choosing blinds that are thin enough to bring in light can allow you to keep your home well illuminated without sacrificing on privacy. While it can be difficult to know how much light will be brought in with your blinds, it makes sense to check how thick the blinds are, so that you can get an idea of how much light will be filtered through.

Durable Blinds That Won't Fade

When considering sun damage, many people forget about the damage that can happen to the blinds themselves. While white blinds can typically be fine when exposed to a lot of sunlight, other colors can end up fading or being damaged in another way. Choosing blinds that will stand up towards UV rays can ensure that you don't feel the need to replace the blinds anytime soon due to sun damage.

As you consider your choices for replacing the window treatments in your home, you'll quickly see that there a number of reasons why blinds can be a good fit. Keeping the other tips in mind can ensure that your new blinds will be a great choice when you get a lot of sun in your home.

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