Five Advantages Of Fiberglass Windows

Your windows are, collectively, the largest opening between the outdoors and the interior of your home. As a result, they suffer from a great deal of general wear and tear throughout the year as they are exposed to a wide variety of different weather conditions. If your existing windows have become worn and no longer properly insulate and protect the interior of your home, you should consider replacing them. Understanding the advantages associated with fiberglass windows can help you decide whether or not they are the right fit for your home.

General Durability

The main draw of fiberglass windows is their extremely high durability. Made out of individual strands of glass that are twisted together and then reinforced with plastic, fiberglass is able to withstand a greater amount of physical trauma without breaking or suffering damage than plastic, wood, and other common types of window materials.

Natural Resistances

Another major advantage of fiberglass as a window material is the fact that it is resistant to a variety of environmental damages that may plague other building materials. Fiberglass will not rust over time due to salt or water exposure, which makes it ideal for coastal areas or areas that see significant amounts of snow or rainfall throughout the year. Further, unlike wood, fiberglass will not warp, rot, or begin growing mold, which makes it ideal for shadier areas and for climates that see heavy amounts of precipitation.

Aesthetic Customization Options

While fiberglass windows come in a wide range of different colors and shades (which can allow you to choose the best color for your windows in relation to the interior and exterior design of your home), the real aesthetic advantage associated with fiberglass as a material is the fact that you can easily paint your windows in the future. This allows you to quickly and easily change the appearance of your windows (and the design scheme around them) at a lower cost than completely replacing them again.

Thin Profile

Similar to the above point, the strength of fiberglass as a building material means that less material is necessary to hold your windows in place. This translates into a thinner window, providing your home with a sleeker and more modern appearance when compared to other types of window materials that many homeowners find visually pleasing.

Environmentally Friendly

Finally, one of the major advantages of fiberglass as a building material is the fact that it can be sourced from recycled materials and recycled itself if you ever decide to replace your windows. This means that installing fiberglass replacement windows on your home reduces your environmental impact and carbon footprint.

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