2 Things To Keep In Mind When Replacing Interior Doors

If you have an interior door that doesn't sit properly in its frame anymore or just looks outdated, you should replace it. When you replace an interior door, you need to decide if you want to replace just the door or the frame. Then you need to determine what type of door you want to replace your old interior doors with.

1. Changing the Frame

The frame, or trim, is the material that goes around the outer edge of your door and frames it. If your door is not hanging correctly inside of the frame, or if the frame has sustained damage over time, it is going to need to be replaced.

However, if your frame is still in good condition, replacing the frame is more of a style choice than one made out of necessity.

Changing the trim around a good can really change how it feels. You can put a simple frame around the door, that is nice and flat and blends in with the rest of your home. Or you can install a door that has crown molding, adding a little more class to your door. You can even install door frames that are a bit outside of the norm, such as a metal door frame.

The frame and trim that you choose should match with the type of door that you install and the overall feeling of your home.

2. Changing the Door

Second, when you install a new door in your home, you need to decide what type of door you want to install. If you want to keep things simple, you can swap out your old door for the same type of door.

However, you can also swap out your old door and install an entirely new type of door, as long as it fits within the same space. For example, if you want to be able to see into the room in question, adding a French door would be a good option to open up your space.

If you want to add more light and openness to space, but still want a feeling of privacy, you could install frosted French doors or just a single frosted glass door. That would allow more light into the room in question, and promote a more open feeling.

If you want your door to blend in with your wall, a flush door may be a good option. Flush doors are completely flat, without any embellishments. They are great when you are going for a minimalist look.

If you want to have a solid door with a little more going on, look into panel doors. The basic idea behind a panel door is that it is covered with either square or rectangular patterns, although the exact patterns can vary greatly, and create very different feels inside of your home.

When you want to replace an interior door, you need to decide if you want to change out the trim or keep the old trim. You also need to decide if you want to install a door just like the one you removed, or if you want to install an entirely new style of door. For more information on replacement entry doors, contact your local expert installers.