Creative Color Use: Interior Window Shutters And Room Decor

Interior window shutters can totally transform a room. Along with keeping the sun out, helping to control the temperature and providing plenty of privacy, custom shutters can add to the overall décor concept. If creating a custom palette for your room that complements the walls, furniture and other accents, take a look at some of the designer color shutter options you have and why you should consider each one.

Whites and Ivories 

White or ivory has an obvious benefit — it matches just about anything. But that's not the only reason to choose this neutral pick. If you want a clean, contemporary, fresh finish, white or ivory is the way to go. A shutter in this color creates a completely crisp feel that leans towards the cool color spectrum. White or ivory can complement an ocean blue, bring out the chillier tones of a maroon or purple and refresh a beige space.

Neutral Hues

While whites and ivories are certainly neutral, they aren't the only colors that match almost anything. If you want a neutral that coordinates easily, a beige, tan or bamboo-colored shutter is for you. But if you simply want a neutral that tones down a bold space or creates a soft, subtle look, muted blues, moss greens, light peaches, and barely-there yellows are top neutral shutter picks.

Brights and Bolds

Some rooms need a pop of color. Whether you want to accent a white wall or turn what could be drab décor into something that's truly stellar, a bold shutter color is an easy way to turn the room's aesthetic around. Interior window shutters that are painted with vibrant colors, such as reds or yellows, are attention-grabbers. While these colors aren't for everyone (or for every room), they do provide an interesting appearance that stands out.

Blacks and Blues

If bright or bold colors aren't your style, a dramatically dark shutter can create a sense of romance or complement a contemporary color scheme. Deep greys and black shutters often pair well with concrete accents (such as countertops) as well as stainless steel. A dark shade, such as black or navy blue, can also help to dim the room and keep the daylight out.

Custom shutters do much more than simply keep the light out. Even though they definitely dim a sun-soaked space, they can also add to the aesthetic value of the room. Whether you choose a white, a bright, a neutral or a deep, dark shade, window shutters come in a rainbow of hues that can complement almost every possible décor idea.