Three Steps To Securing Your Patio In The Event Of A Storm

When you are building your dream patio area, it is a good idea to think about the safety as well as the looks. The patio often has more windows and doors than any other area of the home. Home patios are often home to other exterior structures such as patio pergolas and bay windows. Due to the set up of a patio, these are more involved when you need to install protections. If you live in an area that is susceptible to storm patterns, you should consider getting a patio storm protections. Here are three ways to secure your patio in case of a storm. 

Have storm doors installed

The doors leading out to the patio should be secured with a set of storm doors. Storm doors will protect your patio door from breaking or being blown open by the storm. This is one of the best lines of defense, especially for glass patio doors. Get locking storm doors with professional installation so that you are assured that the doors are secure in the proper type of hinges. When a storm is supposed to come through, you should close and lock the patio doors, then make sure that the storm doors are secured to keep your home safe. Talk to local door installation services for help.

Get manually operated storm shutters

The storm systems that roll in may be violent enough to break a window. Even heavy thunder and some high winds can cause window damage. Apply storm shutters to your windows to stop them from breaking and keep out any moisture and weather problems. Get manually closing windows so that you are able to secure them tightly in place before a storm happens. Manually secured window shutter also means that you do not have to depend on any electrical devices working before, during, or after a storm. Accordion window shutters can seal in place and will protect your windows from exterior damage. 

Blue tarp the backyard space

If you are given even a few hours of warning that a storm is coming through, this gives you a chance to secure anything that is exposed in the patio area. Place hooks in all four corners of your backyard, surrounding the patio area. Use a properly fitting blue ceiling tarp or several tarps to secure the patio down. Place the tarp over all structures, including a pergola or the roof of the patio. Secure the sides and ends of the tarp to the ground hooks. This will keep the patio area dry and secure all of your belongings before a storm.