How To Correct Window Tint Bubbles On A Car

Tinting your car's windows can provide you with some privacy and can help block UV rays. When you have had an auto window tint applied, you may notice bubbles on the window. Often, these bubbles are a normal part of the tinting process and will go away on their own as the water that became trapped underneath the window tint works its way out. However, if the bubbles do not go away after two weeks, something might have gone wrong during the tint application and you'll have to take steps to correct the problem.

Take It Back to the Professionals

Sometimes, when applying the window tint, dirt and debris on the window can prevent the tint from being applied correctly. Fortunately, most professional window tint services will remove the failed window tint and will apply a new window tint free of charge. 

Fixing the Bubbles Yourself

If for whatever reason, you will not be visiting the tinting service to have your window tint replaced, you could attempt to correct the problem yourself. You must warm the window tint either by placing it in the sun or by using a hair dryer. After the tint is warm enough, fill a spray bottle with warm water and mist the tint with the spray bottle. Do not soak it.

Use a straight pin to poke a hole in the bubble. You need to poke a small hole because larger holes might rip the tint, which would then require that you have the whole window tint replaced. Then, use a credit card or gift card to smooth out the bubbles. Hold the card at a 45 degree angle and run the card over the window tint gently to avoid damage. Afterward, use a cloth to dry the window tint. Check the tint for damage and to see if there are any other bubbles. If so, you may need to have the window tint replaced.

Repairing Window Tint Damage

If there is only one portion of the window tint that is damaged, it's possible that this portion can be removed and a new portion of window tint can be applied to replace it. Before the new section of window tint is added, it's important to make sure that the window is very clean. Repairs are difficult to perform by a non-professional because the process can be very slow and making mistakes can cause damage to the window tint.