Install New Windows When Remodeling Your Home

If you are remodeling your older home to give it a more modern look, then you won't want to forget the windows. Remodeling an older home and leaving the original windows can cause your home to still maintain an older feel. Here are some fresh ideas you may want to consider for custom windows when you are remodeling your older home:

Consider removing wood-framed windows

If you have wood-framed windows throughout your house, then you should really consider updating them. Wood-framed windows are more at risk of termite infestations, rotting, and warping. Plus, newer windows are generally framed in aluminum or vinyl frames, which don't come with the same concerns as wood frames and will give your windows a fresher look.

Consider installing a bay window

For a modern look, you can consider having a bay window installed in the living room or another main room in your house. A bay window is one which protrudes out past your home's exterior wall and has three sides to it. On the inside of the bay window, you can have a small bench area installed so you can sit and look out the window on beautiful days. Or, you can install a shelf where you can display whatever you choose. Bay windows can help to modernize your home.

Consider installing geometric windows

Another type of window you can have installed in your home that can help you to create some more modern styles, such as a nice contemporary style, is a geometric window. This is a window with a geometric shape to it, and they can be installed as an addition to another window or as a standalone window.

Consider bowed windows

Bowed windows are windows that bow out toward the home's exterior slightly. While they are similar to bay windows, they don't protrude nearly as much. The bowed windows will add a modern look to your home and will be great for a home where you are trying to achieve an artistic vibe.

Take advantage of energy-efficient windows

Since you are going to be replacing your older windows, you want to take advantage of the moment to choose windows that will not only help you give your home a newer look, but also save you money and make your home more comfortable. Double-paned windows are windows that come with two sheets of glass and a thin layer of air or special gas between the sheets. These windows better insulate the home, so you can control the temperature better without paying as much to heat and cool it.