4 Insulation Solutions to Help with Stopping the Cold Winter Drafts to Make Your Home Cozy Again

There are many different improvements that make your home more energy-efficient, and some of them can help keep your home warm as well. If you want your home to be warm and cozy, you want to end problems with air leaks and cold drafts. Here are some of the insulation solutions that will help stop those cold winter drafts and keep your home cozy through the long winter nights.

1. Better Energy Efficiency with Good Insulation and Ventilation in the Attic

The attic is where heat escapes your home and where heat gain can be a problem during the summer. To ensure you are not letting your energy costs go through the roof, you want to make sure you have enough insulation. In addition, it is important for an attic to have good ventilation to allow heat to escape and prevent problems with dry rot and moisture from condensation.

2. Stopping the Drafts That Come from Your Insulation Problems  

Basements and crawl spaces can also be the cause of cold winter drafts. This is often due to the cold concrete and poor insulation in these areas. If you have a basement, you can update insulation to protect finished areas from cold air. If you have a crawl space, encapsulation can help end cold drafts and protect your home from damage due to condensation and moisture beneath the foundation.

3. Updating the Seals and Insulation Around Windows and Doors in Your Home

Windows and doors are an area where a lot of heat escapes and cold drafts come into your home. Adding insulation behind the trim or between window casings and wood framing is a good way to update your insulation. In addition, make sure that you routinely inspect weather stripping and regularly caulk around windows to protect openings from drafts and damage from the elements outside.

4. Installing Vertical Blinds and Other Window Treatments For Affordable Energy Improvements

In addition to routine window maintenance, there are many options for treatments that can help stop energy loss and cold drafts. There are options like thermal and vertical blinds that help to reduce thermal transfer and control natural lighting. In addition to blinds, window treatments like curtains can also be added to make older windows more efficient and protect your home from cold drafts during the winter months.

With the right improvements for your home, you will be able to stop cold winter drafts that cause energy loss. If you need help with improvements to reduce cold winter drafts in your home, contact a company like Sylvan's & Phillip's for help with affordable improvements using attractive window treatments.