Four Reasons Vinyl Is The Right Choice For Windows

Modern homeowners are spoilt for choice when it comes to window materials. Between vinyl, fiberglass, composite, and wood, many consumers end up feeling overwhelmed. While there are advantages and disadvantages to each type of window, there's a good reason that most contractors strongly recommend vinyl windows to their clients. Keep reading to discover four reasons that vinyl windows are the top choice for both replacement windows and new installations.

Extremely Low Maintenance

Unlike wood, vinyl windows require effectively zero maintenance from homeowners. Although vinyl will expand and contract with changing temperatures, proper installation accounts for this and no action is required on the part of the homeowner to keep their windows working properly. The vinyl itself is easy to clean and there is no risk of the material rotting or otherwise being damaged by exposure to moisture. Vinyl is also effectively immune to scratches and other minor types of cosmetic damage, so they will look new for much longer.

High Energy Efficiency

Many homeowners now have their homes audited for energy efficiency, and one of the primary sources of energy loss is usually found with the windows. While any window can potentially allow interior air to escape to the outside environment, vinyl windows are especially good at providing a good seal and high energy efficiency. As a result, homeowners who replace their old windows with newer vinyl windows are likely to see their monthly energy bill go down as their heating and cooling system will no longer be forced to work as hard.

Cost, Cost, Cost

Let's be honest, almost all homeowners want to reduce the cost of any project as much as possible. Vinyl windows really shine here, as they are among the most cost-effective types of windows both to purchase and to install. This can be especially appealing if replacement windows are being installed as part of a larger project, as it can help to minimize how much of the cost originates with the window installation. Of course, it's also great if replacement windows are the entirety of the project. After all, nobody likes to spend more than they need to.

Great for Seaside Homes

An often overlooked advantage of vinyl windows is that they are especially great for homes located on beaches or close to the shore. Vinyl is entirely resistant to salt spray. Vinyl will not rust like metal framed windows and it won't rot like wood. Homeowners located on the beach know that maintenance costs from ocean spray can quickly become excessive, so this makes vinyl windows an incredibly strong choice for this particular application.

Whatever the use case, vinyl has become the dominant material for window replacements for good reason. It is cheap, efficient, and robust, all of which greatly benefit homeowners. You will want to talk with a local vinyl window supplier for more information.