Looking for a New Andersen Front Door? 5 Selection Tips

Your front door is likely used every day. When it starts to look worn, replacing it can mean a better looking, more energy-efficient option is on the way. It's important to consider the door issues below as you select the Andersen door for you.

1. Material

Many people like the way cherry, oak and pine look and decide they want a wood door. Wood doors can look gorgeous, but they'll also require periodic varnishes and protection that will reduce the chance of warping. Fiberglass could be a far more versatile choice, as it can mimic a wood appearance if that's what you like. Steel can be cheaper and more durable than other door options. If insulation is a serious concern for you, realize that both fiberglass and steel options will typically provide better insulation than wood may.

2. Hanging System

Your old door might have been attached to the wall with three, evenly spaced horizontal hinges. However, you might have noticed that air seemed to creep in along the hinges. In fact, doors today don't have to subscribe to that hanging system design. You might explore doors that offer vertical pivots, for example. Hidden hinges are also becoming popular.

3. Locks

Even if you plan to purchase locks separately, the door layout and gaps for locks must be considered. If you prefer a deadbolt, ensure that you only consider doors that can accommodate those. If you like the new keyless entry systems, focus on doors that won't have any holes that need to be filled later.

4. Security

Safety is important when considering the door that will lead to entry into your home. If your eyes are drawn to a lot of glass and you'd love a beautiful etched glass feature in your door, ensure that shatterproof glass is used.

5. Color

Once you've thought of other door issues, the color of your door could seem like the easiest choice to make. However, the color of a new door can often affect the way you and others feel about the door once it's installed. Your first thought may be to go with a neutral white, black or brown, but think seriously about other palettes. A bold blue might go nicely with your home siding, for instance. A bright red door can offer a pop of color that makes your home seem interesting. 

Working with professionals as you decide on different issues can make your door-buying experience easier. Your installer can walk you through the process, and soon a new front door will adorn your home.