How To Choose A New Door Frame

When choosing a new door frame, particularly for external doors like your front or back door, there are several things to consider. Maintenance, security, and efficiency are at the top of this list.


How much time are you willing to spend maintaining your new door frame? Wooden door frames are exceptionally common, durable, and cost-effective, but they also require a lot of maintenance. The wood may require periodic sanding or scraping, and it will need to be repainted every few years as the old finish fades. Otherwise, it can become prone to cracking, mold, and rot.

Aluminum, steel, fiberglass, and vinyl composite door frames are just as durable as wood, but they do not require any maintenance other than periodic cleaning. Steel is the most expensive option of these frames, with all other options available at a variety of price points.


When it comes to security, your best option is going to be a steel frame. It is nearly impossible to bend or break through. When combined with a metal door, your entryway will be nearly impervious to being forced in. The door will be as secure as the lock you choose.

Wood is pretty sturdy, but it can sometimes be cracked or broken if enough force is applied. Aluminum is resistant to being kicked in, but it can sometimes be bent and pried open. Fiberglass and composite frames are only as secure as the material used in the frame core, which is usually wood.

Energy Efficiency

Another issue to consider when choosing a door frame is how energy efficient it is. Wooden frames are often top in this category because the density of the wood provides good insulation around the frame. Fiberglass and composite frames with a wood or insulated core also rate high. Metal frames are often hollow, which minimizes efficiency unless you find a metal frame with an insulated core.

Another thing to consider when it comes to efficiency is the fit of the frame, both to the door and to the door opening. Even a well-insulated frame is only as efficient as the seal around it. Make sure the frame you choose fits well into the opening so it can be sealed in place with foam insulation. Weatherstripping around the door itself should eliminate any other chances of air leaks around the frame.

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