Window Tinting: 4 Steps To Maintaining Your New Window Film

If you've tinted your car windows, it's the perfect way of showcasing your taste and artistic preference. But did you know that window tinting for your car comes with intricate maintenance requirements? Luckily, the steps needed to maintain your new window films aren't something you can't handle. 

If you want to relish the beauty of tinted car windows, you must know the requisite tint care tips before you drive to the tint shop. You should know how to handle the tint before it cures. Equally, you must avoid hitting and opening or closing your car windows before the recommended time. Here are four steps to proper window tinting care for your car windows. 

1. Let It Cure 

You probably can't wait to show off your new tint after installation. But you need to let the film cure. Tampering with it as soon as the film is applied can ruin it. Essentially, curing is the time it takes for the films on the windows to dry. It takes about 3 days for a window tint to cure completely. Even though you may notice pockets of air and installation fluid, they'll eventually clear. Luckily, if the weather is warm or sunny, the curing will take fewer days. You should consult a reliable tint shop to guide you on ways to handle your windows before the film cures completely. 

2. Avoid Harsh Cleaning Methods 

Before the new tint cures, you should avoid regular cleaning. By postponing the cleaning, you allow the film to settle. After curing, you can rub your windows without ripping or tearing the film. If you have to clean the car windows, avoid using harsh cleaning agents and abrasive pads. This works perfectly on cars with new window tinting jobs. What's more, using the right cleaning chemicals and materials ensures the tint retains its luster for many years after the initial tinting job. 

3. Avoid Stickers 

If attaching stickers, phone holders, or sunshades enhances convenience in your car, you'll have to stop when the windows get tinted. With proper window tinting, you no longer need sunshades. Also, stickers might affect the curing and the uniform looks inside the vehicle. You can wait for some months to incorporate your fancy stickers. By then, your film will be firmly attached to the glass; meaning the attachments won't harm your tint. You can ask reputable window tinting services to guide you regarding stickers and other convenience attachments you want on your windows.

4. Keep Children Off the Tint 

When your windows are freshly tinted, you may notice bubbles on the surface. Your kids might think popping these bubbles is fun. If they prick or scratch the film in the process, it could mean getting a new tint. That can cost a lot. You should keep kids off the film to guarantee your window tinting investment cures and lasts long.

For more information, contact a local window tinting service.