Which Material Should You Pick For Custom Windows?

Custom windows can revamp your home's look in a big way with unique colors and designs. They work very well when you have unusually sized or shaped windows because they are made to measure. Custom windows can give a significant boost to your home's curb appeal. They also improve the energy efficiency of your house with tighter sealing and insulation. The insulation also makes your home feel quieter and calmer by blocking out noises. What material should you pick for custom window installation?


Wood is an all-time favorite because of its classic and sophisticated looks. Hardwood windows have an authentic look that other materials don't match easily. In addition, wood comes in different colors and grain patterns depending on the species. In terms of curb appeal, wood offers a big boost, giving the house a premium look.

However, wood is a porous material; it breathes moisture in and out. Cracks and scratches in the wood also give way to moisture penetration. As a result, it will swell from absorbing moisture and shrink when it dries out. These swell-shrink cycles cause warping, which creates small gaps in the wooden frame. Excessive moisture can also cause rotting.

Wooden custom windows need staining and sealing every few years for moisture resistance and to restore their luster.


Vinyl custom windows are popular because of their affordability and low maintenance. This synthetic material is mass-produced, which lowers its costs. But you can order it in different colors and patterns. Wood imitation vinyl is hard to tell from real wood. However, for the practiced eye, vinyl doesn't quite match the premium look of hardwood.

Vinyl custom windows are very energy efficient. Modern manufacturing of these windows uses high insulation material with very precise measurements. Vinyl is water-resistant, so weather exposure doesn't affect its form.


Metallic custom windows are very durable. Aluminum is the preferred metal material for window construction because it is lightweight and easy to fabricate. Metallic windows give your house a contemporary look. Metal can also be fabricated in unique shapes and sizes to fit your home's architectural design.

However, aluminum offers lower insulation than wood and vinyl because metal is a good conductor of heat. When it is cold, the metallic frame becomes cold and chills down the air around it. The spaces around bolts and nuts provide tiny pathways for air drafts. Metal is also susceptible to scratches, dings, and dents. You will also need to repaint the windows every few years to restore the windows' looks.

Are you looking for a window replacement that will transform your home's looks? Talk to a window installation company, such as Innovations Siding & Windows, about the ideal material for custom windows fit for your home.