3 Advantages Of Installing Tilt And Turn Windows In Your Home

Tilt and turn windows are different than old-school windows that you opened by turning a handle. With tilt and turn windows, you can tilt the window both inward or outward from the top or the bottom. You can also "turn" the window so that you can swing the window open from the sides as well. #1 Variety Of Ventilation Options One of the biggest advantages of tilt and turn windows is they provide you with a variety of insulation options. Read More 

Shower Door Kits Vs. Seamless Enclosures

Your shower door is much more than just a barrier to keep water in the shower. The shower door is very important when it comes to the look of your entire bathroom. In fact, it is often the central design feature of the bathroom. Many people have showers with bathtub basins and shower curtains. You can upgrade to a glass shower door to make your room more functional, stylish, and valuable. Read More 

Patch Up Your Rotten Window Frame Easily This Weekend

When your window frame starts to rot, it is important to take immediate action to stop the spread of the rot and to protect the rest of your wooden window frame. Here is what you can do over the weekend to easily and quickly patch up a rotten window frame. #1 Remove The Rotten Wood The very first thing that you need to do is remove the wood that is rotten from the frame. Read More 

Four Tips For Choosing Great Curtains For Your Home

When you decorate a room, the draperies you use on the windows can make a huge impact on the overall look of the room. You want to be sure that they match with the other items in the room, but do not overwhelm the space. If you need to purchase new draperies for a room in your home, use the following guide to learn a few tips to ensure you choose the right ones. Read More 

How To Clean Hard Water Stains From Windows

If you have hard water stains on your windows, you don't have to replace the window or call a cleaning service. Hard water stains form after the water evaporates, which leave mineral deposits, such as calcium and limescale.  Mineral deposits appear as a thick, white, glaze. The stains get harder to remove the longer they sit, but it isn't impossible to clean them. Here are tips to clean hard water stains from windows: Read More