Creative Color Use: Interior Window Shutters And Room Decor

Interior window shutters can totally transform a room. Along with keeping the sun out, helping to control the temperature and providing plenty of privacy, custom shutters can add to the overall d├ęcor concept. If creating a custom palette for your room that complements the walls, furniture and other accents, take a look at some of the designer color shutter options you have and why you should consider each one. Whites and Ivories  Read More 

2 Things To Keep In Mind When Replacing Interior Doors

If you have an interior door that doesn't sit properly in its frame anymore or just looks outdated, you should replace it. When you replace an interior door, you need to decide if you want to replace just the door or the frame. Then you need to determine what type of door you want to replace your old interior doors with. 1. Changing the Frame The frame, or trim, is the material that goes around the outer edge of your door and frames it. Read More 

Three Reasons Why Installing Solar Shades Is Preferable To Tinting Your Window Panes

Solar shades and window tinting are both methods that allow you to reduce the amount of sunlight that enters into your home. They both allow you to save on heating costs and reduce glare or uncomfortably bright light. However, solar shades have the benefit of giving you control, whereas window tinting is permanent. Here are three reasons why installing solar shades on your windows are preferable to window tinting. 1. Allows You an Unobstructed View Read More 

How Glass Railing Can Benefit Your Property

Whenever you are looking to make your property valuable and increase safety, it's important to contact a company that can add any fixtures that will help. To this end, installing glass railing might be worth the investment. You need to learn a little bit about grass railing, whether you are looking to install it on your deck or balcony or incorporate it for a staircase. The three points below are excellent at steering you in the right direction and will help you install the best glass railings for your property. Read More 

Worried About Your Cat Damaging Your New Curtains? 3 Tips For Quality Curtains

If you have a pet cat, you've likely wondered about what kinds of improvements you can make to your home that your cat can't damage. If you're interested in new window treatments, but have a cat and are worried about the kind of damage they can do the fabric curtains, there are a number of preventive things you can look for to make a big difference in how they stand up after years of wear. Read More